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Erick Johanson, Owner's portrait

I installed my 1st swim spa in 1988. It was basic and even rudimentary, but from that moment on I have been obsessed with swim spas. Through the late 80’s and the 90’s I continued selling and installing primarily inground, or “built in” swim spas. During this time, I continued to watch the growth and increase in popularity of free standing, self-contained swim spas, however, the quality and performance of these spas simply did not meet my standards and expectations. With the start of the new millennium, I continued with the inground variety while talking with different manufacturers, dealers out of the area and visiting some new factories. It was at this time that the leap was made! Some of the self-contained, free standing spas had finally reached a certain

caliber, peaking my interest. You can truly swim in them and have an active enjoyable experience. They are efficient and affordable to use year round in the Northwest. Purification and filtration systems keep the water crystal clear and the overall design makes maintenance easy. We have assembled a team of delivery and service people that make the purchase and delivery process smooth and easy. Typically, we have three full models to run so you can see how they operate and see all the innovative options. These three models are available to test with distinctively different resistance systems, and best of all we strive to keep ten total models on display in our facility, at all times. To give our customers a holistic feel and vision, these displays are here for you to see, touch, climb in and out of, and genuinely get a feel for the perfect swim spa.

If you are interested in a swim spa, I have built the perfect shopping experience to make this process as easy and efficient as possible.


Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!


Erick Johanson


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